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Do you wonder how to read a coffee fortune?
Here is how!

Every thing you wondered about traditional Turkish Coffee is in this application. ”iTurkishCoffee” teaches you how to make an excelent Turkish Coffee, how to look fortune with it.

This application also includes a big dictionary about fortune telling. You would not be having problems to explain the fortune because our dictionary include more than 150 definitions.

In conclusion if you are curious about the old cultures and if you are open minded to different experiences, this application is right choice for you.

What “iTurkishCoffee” offers to you;

  • You can easily learn how to make a very good Turkish Coffee
  • Learn the history of the first coffee product in the world
  • Recipies for different types of Turkish Coffee
  • Fortune telling from the scratch
  • More than 150 definitions of shapes you might see in the fortune

iPhone (3GS or later),
iPod touch (3rd generation or later) and iPad.
Requires iOS 5.0 or later.